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ADDMAS a versatile Electromagnetic flow meter is ideal for conductive liquids such as Raw Water, Chilled water, effluents, Potable water etc. Using time proven electromagnetic flow metering principle, the meter achieves a flow meter for pipes from 15mm to 600mm. Since there are no moving parts, the flow meter gives years of maintenance free service. ADDMAS flow-head can be supplied in Teflon lining or Hard Rubber lining is available with all the features required in a field mounted water metering equipments. These include - weather proof enclosure, communication options, RTC with data logging with printer option and 4 to 20 mA isolated Flow signal transmission option for flow pattern recording. The converter is available as field mounted-IP65 protection category. GSM modem interface can also be supplied as an optional add-on feature.


The operating principle of Magnetic flow meters is based upon Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction, “ It state that a voltage will be induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field”.

Faraday's Law :

  • E = kBDV where
  • E = Induced Voltage
  • B = Strength of the magnetic field
  • D = Conductor Width
  • V = Velocity of the conductor

The magnitude of the induced voltage E is directly proportional to the velocity of the conductor width D, and the strength of the magnetic field B. Liquid acts as a conductor as it flows through pipes.


This Flowmeters find varied applications where the flowing medium is difficult to handle. Major advantage of these flowmeters are : zero pressure drop, No moving part and highest accuracy level at most affordable cost. Some of the major application can be described below :

  • Effluent Treatment plant
  • Sewage Treatment plant.
  • Water supply Schemes
  • Pulp and Papers
  • Sugar industries and distilleries
  • Steel and Aluminums
  • Chemical / Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Drugs


  • Tolerates High percentage of suspended solids Sludge, slurries, minerals, paper, sewage – flows with high level of solids which can not be measured other type of meters.
  • Obstruction less measurements
  • Nothing projects into the flow stream, no head loss, no parts to maintain.
  • Pulp and Papers
  • Sugar industries and distilleries
  • Suitable for corrosive liquid
  • Acids, caustic and corrosive additives are isolated from the meter pipe by inert linings and compatible electrodes.
  • Suitable for all types of electrically conductive liquids
  • Liquid where conductivity is of sufficient level to induce measurable

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Every instruments we manufacture is calibrated against highly accurate instruments and undergoes series of test such as Leak Test, Over Load Test and Accuracy Test.All our products are check on the Quality, Reliability And Durability.

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To provide products which meet highest quality & safety norms by using latest technology. With total teamwork we aim at delivering the products on time to become global manufacture and supplier of process measuring instruments.