Advance Orifice Plate Based DP Flowmeters


It operated on the principle that, when flowing fluid flow through obstruction plced in direction of flow, it create pressure drop called Δ P.
This Δ P is proportion to square root of flow flowing liquid/steam/gas inside the pipe.
Orifice plate base flow meter consist of :-

  • Integral orifice plate
  • Differntial Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Temp. Sensor
  • Measurement precision 0.3, Tenfold of Orifice Plate
  • Requirement of straight pipe less than 0.5D
  • Pressure loss is 1/3 of orifice plate,
  • pressure recovering double faster than orifice plate
  • Flowing noise proportion orifice plate1:15
  • Replace orifice plate to save cost directly
  • Complex working conditions could be measured
  • Balanced and stable, energy saving and environmental


ADDMAS balanced flowmeter is kinds of energy saving and have several function apertures, which could make flow area balanced into ideal current, leading a innovation to global measurement technology. it has already been widely used among petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electricity and natural gas.

ADDMAS series balanced flowmeter has a multi-hole disc throttling rectifier which is installed at pipeline section, every hole's dimensions and distribution depend on special formula and datas, they are called function hole.when current flows by the hole, it's balanced and vortex minimize, form ideal current and stable differential pressure signal by pressure device, volume flow and a mass flow are cumulated by Bernoulli equation.

Currently, energy saving has become the national policy of many countries, which is also most of enterprises focus on. Traditional flow technology makes the fluid lose ideal status, a mass of permanent pressure loss and kinetic energy consume in the vortex. also random and turbulent whirlpool disturb the repetitiveness and linearity of the measuring data, leading lower precision.


High Accuracy

Structure with multi hole could balance the flow field, reduce the vortex shake and signal noise, substantially improve the stability of flow field, make the precision improved tenfold than orifice plate, repeatability reach to 0.1%.

Lower requirement of straight pipe

Because of stable flow field and twofold pressure recovery than orifice plate, the straight pipe least could less than 0.5D, which could save a mass of straight pipe, especially expensive ones.

Reduce the permanent pressure loss

The design of multi hole symmetry decrease the shear force of turbulent flow and whirlpool shape, reduce the energy of motion loss, and save pretty big cost of operation energy.

Directly replace the orifice plate

Be familiar with the use method and appearance of orifice plate, which allows directly replacement and adjust to the energy metering reform of changing orifice plate into ADDMAS series balanced flow meter .

Resistant to smudginess and blockage

Balanced design of porous and asymmetric structure reduce the retention shape and assure dirty mediums flow through the holes.

Wide measuring range

Reynolds number least to be less than 200,maximum greater than 107, β 0.25~0.9

Long-term and good stability

Apparent decreasing of turbulent flow shear force drastically reduce the rub of mediums and throttling part, the stable β number and non movable parts keeps the long-term stability.

High temperature and pressure measuring

MAX Working temperature 850 , MAX working pressure 42 Mpa.

Complex working conditions measuring

Special structure design enables its special functions, which allows to all the measurements of gas-liquid twophase mediums, all kinds of mixed gases, all kinds of lower temperature gases, stuff, multi phase stream, vibrative stream, electromagnetic interference mediums and bidirectional flow.


Mediums gas, liquid, steam, gas-liquid two-phase, mixed gases, lower temperature gases, Stuff, Bidirectional flow etc. Accuracy ±0.3%(5:1) ±0.5%(7:1) ±1.0%(10:1) DN DN2~DN3800 Installation methods in-line, flange form, clamping form, square tube form, rectangular tube Repeatability 0.10% Working temperature 850 Working pressure 42 Mpa Pipe material carbon steel, stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti), 316L anti-explosion class explosion-proof type Exd II BT2~T5 Protection class IP65 Measuring range 1:10 (special 1:30) Flange standard GB/T9112-9124-2000 Output signal 4-20mA (correspond 0 largest range) Communication type RS 485, MODBUS, HART Power 24VDC±10%


  • No moving part , hence long life
  • Wide operating pressure range
  • Wide operating temp. range
  • Pressure / Temp. calculation and compensation, hence derivation of mass flow value
  • Provision of signal output from PLC/SCADA/DCS/Computer connectivity.

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