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ADDMAS a versatile Electromagnetic flow meter is ideal for conductive liquids such as Raw Water, Chilled water, effluents, Potable water etc. Using time proven electromagnetic flow metering principle, the meter achieves a flow meter for pipes from 15mm to 600mm. Since there are no moving parts, the flow meter gives years of maintenance free service.

(A) Manufacturing Instruments:-

Electro Magnetic Flowmeters

ADDMAS flow-head can be supplied in Teflon lining or Hard Rubber lining is available with all the features required in a field mounted water metering equipments. These include - weather proof enclosure, communication options, RTC with data logging with printer option and 4 to 20 mA isolated Flow signal transmission option for flow pattern recording.

Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex flowmeter (VSF) is a kind of the vibration meters. It simple configuration, and install conveniently. It can measure and control various liquid (e.g.: water, oil, petroleum, alcohol, acid, alkali and different chemical fluids) gas (e.g.: air, oxygen, N2, natural gas, coal gas), and steam (e.g.: saturation steam, overheated water vapor).

Thermal Mass flowmeters

Thermal sensor consists of two sensing elements - a velocity sensor and a temperature sensor that automatically corrects for changes in gas temperature(figure1). The transducer electronics heats the velocity sensor to a constant temperature differential above the gas temperature and measures the cooling effect of the gas flow.

Advance Orifice Plate Based DP Flowmeters

ADDMAS balanced flowmeter is kinds of energy saving and have several function apertures, which could make flow area balanced into ideal current, leading a innovation to global measurement technology. it has already been widely used among petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electricity and natural gas.

(B) Promoted Instruments :

Rh + Temp. Transmitters

Pharmaceuticals, Power Stations, Drying Process, Environmental Test, Hazardous, Ceramic Industries, Paper Industries, Textile Industries Model are available for calculated parameters like Dew point, Mixing ratio, Front point, Absolute humidity.

Air velocity Transmitter

Air Velocity Instrument for Measurements in HVAC Applications EE65 air velocity transmitters are ideal for accurate ventilation control applications. They are operating on an innovative hot film anemometer principle. The E+E thin film sensor guarantees very good accuracy at low air velocity, which is not possible for conventional anemometers with commercial temperature sensorsor NTCbead thermistors.

Dew point Transmitter

The exact monitoring of dew point temperature in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial processes is becoming increasingly more important. EE371 series with a measuring range - 80 60°CTd (-112 140°FTd) and EE372 serieswith a measuring range- 40 60°C Td (-40 140°F) are the ideal solution for such applications.

Co2 Transmitter

Duct mounted C02 transmitters and switches of the EE85 series are designed for HVACapplications. The C02 sensing element usesthe NonDispersive Infrared Technology (NDIR). Apatented auto-calibration procedure compensates for drift caused by the aging of the sensing element and guarantees outstanding long term stability.

Moisture content in oil

E+E Transmitter Series EE36are specially designed for the measurement of water content in oil. EE36is ideal for online monitoring of moisture in lubrication or insulation oil, which is very important for the long-term performance and adaptive maintenance of plant and machinery.

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Every instruments we manufacture is calibrated against highly accurate instruments and undergoes series of test such as Leak Test, Over Load Test and Accuracy Test.All our products are check on the Quality, Reliability And Durability.

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