Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Non-contact, stable and reliable measurement.The ultrasonic transmitter is installed above the standardweir through, non-contact measurement without wear andtear, and the beam angle is 7°.The measurement is accurate, stable, and it is more suitablefor measuring corrosive liquids.
  • High-performance, low power consumptionThe ultrasonic transmitter has a strong launch power ,its surface can be seif-cleaning, the protection is IP65,the whole power consumption is less than 12.5W
  • Wide range of applicationA host can match the five standard weir trough(thin-walled triangular weir, broad crested weir,triangular profile weir, Parshall slot,thin-walled rectangular weir)
  • Miti-purpose One instrument can measure the flow, but also the level(within range)
  • Automatic temperature compensatio The Teren series O.C.M. consists of a probe and a host. The remote control is optional.